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Continuous Innovation, Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Development

Tex Year insists on using durable and safe core materials and technologies to produce our company's products and perform complete and meticulous testing on them. In this way, we are able to realize a trustworthy and credible business culture. In terms of company product design, we also take “creating customer value” as our foremost consideration with an expectation to provide various human-centered solutions to address our customers’ problems: product usage and partner manufacturing processes. We are also committed to creating a cutting-edge technology that brings convenience to our customers' everyday lives.

Tex Year invests more than 3% of its total business revenue in R&D every year to actively cultivate overseas R&D talent, continuing to develop our products and services with "environmental protection", "reassurance", and "innovation".

Continuous Innovation
Tex Year has a total of 6 R&D groups around the world. Upholding a business principle of "continuous innovation", Tex Year has invested a great amount of our R&D budget in recruiting talent that is capable of developing products that meet our customers' needs.
By actively collaborating and exchanging with government sectors, private businesses, and academic institutions, we have promoted a strategic alliance to obtain new technology and make a breakthrough in existing technical applications. New products are continuously developed every year to meet our customers' needs.
Environmentally Friendly
Tex Year understands the importance of being "environmentally friendly" to aid in the survival of the earth and human beings. From the early stage of our product research and development, the R&D groups are fully aware of the impact that the product manufacturing process may bring to the environment and the entire human race. Based on the principles of environmental protection, we have launched our R&D activities to produce eco-friendly products that not only reduce their overall impact on the natural environment, but also reduce their burden on the earth.
Sustainable Development
Our R&D groups have been constantly thinking about how to improve our company's products and find new solutions to address current problems so that fewer resources are used while creating higher value. We are also committed to striving for the ultimate objective of sustainable development.

Testing Technology Capacity

We have recruited professionals to operate a variety of testing equipment.
Our R&D groups are also capable of designing different verification methods depending on the different properties of the products.
Our testing equipment is mainly divided into precision analysis test equipment, material properties test equipment,
mass production simulation equipment, and environmental reliability test equipment.

Scientific Instrument

GPC Gel Permeation Chromatography
HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography
FTIR Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
DSC Differential Scanning Calorimeter
TMA Thermal Mechanical Analyzer

Physical & Mechanical Testing Equipment

Universal Tester with Temperature Control Chamber
Shear Adhesion Tester
Rolling Ball Tack Tester

Trial Run Simulation Equipment

Book Binding Machine
Book Binding Strength Tester
Guillotining Machine
Pilot Coater

Environmental Test Equipment

Low Temperature Chamber
Programmable Temperature Control Chamber