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Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Hot Melt Glue Sticks

Hot melt glue stick and glue gun play a necessary role in manual operations. The product set with glue sticks and glue guns can especially satisfy the demands of bonding, sealing, fixing, protection, vibration resistance, and insulation.

Tex Year is the globally leading hot melt glue stick company in terms of sales. Our self- produced hot melt glue sticks are characterized with the best quality, which make our customers operation smooth and avoid any unpleasant odors that might impact our olfactory organs adversely. We offer strong adhesion glue sticks with various colors. They can be highly transparent, white, or yellowish. Appearances of our glue sticks are very competitive in global market due to clear cut surface, good roundness and consistent thickness.

Tex Year has diversified and complete product list for hot melt glue stick. We have EVA based, PO based, and PA based hot melt glue sticks with different formulas in order to meet the requirements of different adhesion. Also, we have diversified specification of diameter and length for meeting the demands of different equipment or operation conditions.  

The glue stick diameter can be 7.4mm, 11mm, 15mm~25mm and 43mm while the glue stick length can be 5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm. Length can be fully customized.

How do I know which size hot glue stick to use?
The choice of the size of the hot melt stick mainly determines the requirements of the hot melt glue gun.
Hot melt glue sticks come in different diameters, lengths sizes and they can only be melted by a matching hot glue gun. 

In order to select the best hot glue gun stick, there are certain features include the diameter and length of the stick, and the temperature of both the stick and gun to be used. 
This is quite important because buying the wrong hot glue gun stick will be a waste of money and time.
1/2” or 11mm hot melt glue sticks are the most common size available on the market allowing for the widest variety of formulations to be used. DIY craft glue sticks are 5/16" (sometimes called mini hot glue sticks). 

What is the difference between low temperature hot melt glue sticks and high temperature hot melt glue sticks?
Low temperature hot melt glue sticks typically have a melting point between 250-300 F. 
Hight temperature hot melt glue sticks need to be dispensed between 350-400 F.
You should get a glue stick whose temperature matches that of your glue gun.
Selecting the right hot glue gun stick depends on the hot glue gun to be used.

With so many choices, how do I know which hot glue stick is best for my application?
Hot melt sticks come in different sizes, depending on your melting needs.
The brand does not matter, but it should be the same size and temperature.
 For those who are purchasing for assembling and packaging purposes, it is advisable to go for large pack sizes. Not only is it economical, it would prevent running out of glue sticks during the gluing process. For home or school arts and crafts, depending on your gluing needs, you can go for either the large or small pack size. Further, most sticks have a long shelf life and do not degrade on storage, so you can buy any quantity for future purposes.

Do hot melt glue sticks give a permanent bond?
Depends on the grade of the hot melt glue. Most hot melt glues are not that reliable on high density, nonporous surfaces like acrylic plastics. 
Hot melt glue sticks can create a bond strong enough for a huge range of applications and substrates but they are not considered "structural adhesives".
Hot glue is generally great on anything it can “key” into. Anything rough. Anything porous.
Hot glue is generally bad on anything really smooth or really slick. The glue may tack for a short period of time but under mechanical stress it fails prematurely.


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