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Tex Year PP Corrugated Box Packaging Material Adhesive
Oct 1, 2020
Most common corrugated box packaging material is made of paper, which is lighter than wood, has sufficient hardness, and is easy to cut the size. But paper corrugated boxes are susceptible to water immersion, humidity, or mildew damages. Packaging material corrugated cardboards have different surface hardness and waterproof treatment designed to provide waterproof and load protections during transport. The level of difficulty for packaging material adhesive also increases due to the protection needs. Therefore, selecting a suitable packaging material hot-melt adhesive is critical.

In addition to paper corrugated boxes, PP plastic corrugated boxes are also available on the market. PP plastic corrugated boards (PP corrugated) are made via polypropylene (PP) hot-melt pressing. This recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic material has light weight, high durability, good moisture resistance, and good load capacity compared to that of paper. PP corrugated is also very suitable for packaging agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables to keep them as fresh and nutritious as the moment they were picked.

PP polypropylene is a difficult to bond packaging material. General hot-melt adhesive cannot meet the requirements. Tex Year understands the hot-melt adhesive needs for your PP corrugated material bonding process! We can provide high strength, easy to operate, and high heat resistant products.
  1. Better Process Control Efficiency │ Tex Year’s long-term hot-melt coating adhesive is convenient for coating operations, and the effective bonding can increase production efficiency.
  2. Guaranteed Box Integrity │ Tex Year’s hot-melt adhesive has excellent strength, and allows boxes to hold high loads without breaking.
  3. Safer Production Line Operating Environment │ Tex Year provides low odor hot-melt adhesive products.
  4. Withstand Storage or Transport Environments │ Tex Year hot-melt adhesive can withstand up to 85℃, so there is no need to worry about high summer temperatures or boxes broken when exposed to the sun.

Scope of application for Tex Year's hot-melt packaging material adhesive:
  1. PP corrugated box bonding
  2. PP plastic corrugated box bonding
  3. Corrugated boxes bonding with different water repellency levels
  4. Fast production line box bonding
  5. Bonding for various laminated color boxes
  6. Bonding for EPE cushioning materials
  7. Bonding for various packaging materials.