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Tex Year will Continue to Improve and Pursue Sustainable Development for the Future
Sep 1, 2020
Tex Year was founded in 1976. For Tex Year, corporate social responsibility covers sound corporate governance, balanced of interests for all parties and stakeholders, driving the industrial development, and giving back to the society. Economic performance is only a part of corporate responsibility. What else have we done to pursue sustainable management?

01 Sustainable Management
Tex Year produces environmentally friendly, green, and efficient adhesives worldwide; and continues to study biodegradable adhesive products in order to reduce the environmental impact. Tex Year is proud of its medical devices and industrial equipment that has benefited social welfare. It has also introduced numerous advanced equipment and construction methods such as energy-saving, waste reduction, consumption reduction, and high efficiency production equipment. These are the actions taken by Tex Year to achieve environmental protection.

The manufacturing industry production and enterprise business models will substantially change due to the advent of Industry 4.0. Tex Year will actively evolve through the R&D and production of raw materials required for manufacturing green products, and providing customers with technical services and application solutions that can satisfy their needs and fulfill environmental responsibility.

02 Social Care
Mr. Xiao, founder of Tex Year, established the “Taiwan Tex Year Social Welfare Advancement Association” in 2014. Its goal is to actively improve service capacities, invest in social care, prioritize assistance to disadvantaged groups, and increase a sense of social stability. The association has organized events such as mountain cleanup, beach cleanup, blood donation, earthquake relief donation, etc., in hopes to maximize the efforts with limited resources. We must continue to improve our living environments, safety and health, social welfare, etc.; encourage employees, friends, and relatives to participate; and take actual actions to contribute to social welfare.

03 Talent Cultivation
In terms of talent cultivation, we have the most representative brand customer bases and outstanding R&D technical capabilities. In recent years, the Group has continued to promote innovation, overseas layout, and entrepreneurial spirit; all of which have demonstrated excellent synergy and excellent business results.

During our sustainable management based development process, global talent cultivation is critical. Talents are the key assets and the most critical factor in determining the Group’s long-term competitiveness and performance. We inspire employees to learn and grow through work, encourage internal entrepreneurial mechanisms, and uphold the entrepreneurial spirit to promote talents into leaders of business units, subsidiaries, and head offices. The goal is to enable the colleagues’ personal career plans to grow together with the Group’s sustainable development.

04 Global Layout
In the future era of global prosperity and drastic environmental changes, Tex Year will continue to expand its global layout and cultivate the basic operation skills of the Group in order to mitigate or eliminate operational risks. For its future development, Tex Year will adhere to the company's talent-oriented, technological leadership, mutual benefit, and continuous improvement business sustainability philosophy. We also look forward to the guidance, recognition, and recommendations from interested parties. Thank you for your support of Tex Year.