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How has the Longstanding “Tex Year” Brand Continued its Rapid Growth for 40 Years?
Aug 3, 2020
Nine Modern Production Bases Worldwide, International Brands, Local Services, Convenience and Worry-free!

Since its establishment in 1976, Tex Year Group's sales network has expanded to over 90 countries worldwide.
Tex Year Group, headquartered in Taiwan, has established nine modern hot-melt adhesive production bases in Europe, Vietnam, India, and China in order to provide global customers with more convenient and faster localized services.

R&D and Innovation Strengths that can Meet the Needs of the Era
  • Tex Year Group has upheld its spirit of “continuous innovation.” It currently owns numerous domestic and foreign patented technologies and has won up to 13 outstanding product design awards. Due to the efforts of Tex Year Group's professional adhesive technology team, the Group has invested aggressively in R&D each year and recruited senior R&D talents at home and abroad to develop products that can meet the customer demands.
  • Tex Year has actively participated in industry-academic collaborations and technical exchanges to break through the technical bottlenecks and existing applications, and continued to develop innovative products to meet the modern market demands.

World Class Quality, Environmental Friendly, Worry-free, and Industry Leading Adhesive Company

Since its establishment and after 40 years of development, Tex Year has focused on the environmentally friendly adhesive market. Its hot-melt adhesive brand “TEX YEAR” offers excellent performance, stable quality, and are trusted by IKEA, Nestle, GE, Panasonic, Yili, and hundreds of other well-known brands in different industries worldwide.

Tex Year's impeccable performances have exemplified its “environmental friendly, worry-free, & innovation” corporate philosophy and captured the recognition and support of market consumers. That is how Tex Year is able to maintain rapid growth worldwide.

Tex Year will continue to focus on the adhesive industry, forge ahead, and join hands with you to help you achieve your career.