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Environmental Friendly Hot-melt Box Adhesive is a Plus for Corrugated Products Packaging
Jul 1, 2020
Packaging is the key to lock-in the nutrition of products!

Before we buy our products, packaging materials and methods are the key to lock-in the nutrition after cultivation from farms and before arriving at stores, and corrugated boxes plays a critical role in transportation and storage.

Environmentally Friendly Hot-melt Adhesive, Secure bonding and Worry-free
Most boxes use environmentally friendly solvent-free hot-melt adhesive to ensure the safety of agricultural products. Hot-melt adhesives come in different shapes, which can satisfy the needs of different customer processes and equipment. Environmental friendly hot-melt box adhesive is a plus especially for corrugated products packaging.

Tex Year's environmental friendly hot-melt box seal adhesive provides industrial customers with better sealing process experiences. 
  • Wide Application Range │ different materials can be bonded quickly.
  • Wide Temperature Tolerance Range │ suitable for northern and southern regions during different seasons.
  • Safe Food Contact │ products can pass the food contact material testing.

Two packaging and sealing applications:
1.    High water repellency box adhesive: suitable for corrugated boxes holding plastic bags or fruit and vegetable PP boxes
2.    Film-covered box: suitable for corrugated boxes without inner packaging or products produce with higher moisture levels.

Hot Melt 合得妙® is your best hot-melt box seal adhesive choice
Our team can provide customers with the most suitable hot-melt box seal adhesive products and a full range of packaging solutions and technical knowledge; and meet the customers’ specific hot-melt box seal adhesive packaging production line, bonding strength, and safety demands.

With over 40 years of service experience, Tex Year has provided customers with a wide range of packaging and sealing hot-melt adhesive products. Its complete supply chain value can satisfy the technical demands from customers worldwide, and is the designated supplier for many large international manufacturers.