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Clear Air, Protect Your Life
Jun 1, 2020
In light of COVID-19, people wear masks outdoors to protect themselves and safeguard the health of others. People try to stay indoors to reduce the spread of COVID-19, so the time spent at home increased. We must keep the windows open for air circulation. But with an air purifier, that is not necessary at a non-ventilated environment.

The main function of an air purifier is to effectively eliminate harmful suspended particles in the air, which can remove formaldehyde, eliminate bacteria, and purify the air.
The key to an air purifier is its filter. Hot-melt adhesive is required to make the filter, which is applied to two areas: the frame and the filter element.

A household purifier filter element is usually made using chemical fiber filter papers.
During the production process, glue lines are applied to the filter paper. The filter paper is folded, pressed and bonded to the glue lines, and then cooled to take shape.
Then hot-melt adhesive is applied to the screen frame using a roller or manual glue gun to affix the filter element. This process produces beautiful and durable filters, and ensures effective air purification and sterilization effects.

Fusion of Perfect Filter and Hot-melt Adhesive
The new material formula design uses Hot Melt 合得妙® adhesive to bond the air purifier screens, which has the low odor, low VOC, and strong stability advantages.

1. White, excellent thermal stability, and no discoloration after long-term use.
2. Low odor, optimize workshop operating environment, and effective air purification
3. No adhesive drawing or dripping, and looks beautiful after bonding and molding
4. Excellent adhesion to various filter papers, good resilience
5. Low temperature operated hot-melt adhesive can save energy, reduce carbon emission, and improve operating environment safety

Tex Year also offers air purifier filter papers to provide an overall air filter production solution for customers.

For air or water filter screen systems, Tex Year has ample adhesive related experiences and technical advantages. Our fully equipped product lines can offer customers with professional adhesive solutions.