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Mar 23, 2020
 On March 11, the World Health Organization announced that COVID-19 has become a global pandemic. The epidemic evolved from China's “epidemic isolation defense” into a global isolation operation!

Epidemic Prevention Actions by Enterprises
Tex Year Group has subsidiaries worldwide. Despite the various epidemic situations at different areas, the Group has fully supported its employees. During the spring festival period, Tex Year's management units have issued masks and disinfectant alcohol each week. The visitor SOP has strengthened environmental disinfection, reduced internal and external visitors, and adopted factory subdivision and diversion measures. Thankfully, all of the colleagues and their family members in mainland China factories and business units are healthy!
TEX YEAR Epidemic Prevention Actions by Enterprises  TEX YEAR Epidemic Prevention Actions by Enterprises

Active Public Welfare Sponsorship
Tex Year has also continued to support the relevant enterprise epidemic prevention efforts from the epidemic prevention public welfare activities held by the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in Huangpu District of Guangzhou City by offering donations in support of epidemic prevention and control, supporting the Yili Group Enterprise Public Welfare Strategic Alliance epidemic prevention public welfare activities, donating to the Red Cross Society of Mainland China, and supporting the first line “epidemic prevention” personnel. In response to the epidemic prevention public welfare activities held by Tsing Hua Entrepreneur Network to support Hubei Hospital, we have also donated epidemic prevention masks and other resources to Wuhan, Hubei.
TEX YEAR Active Public Welfare Sponsorship  TEX YEAR Active Public Welfare Sponsorship

In Taiwan, we have also offered hot-melt adhesive products and provided instructions on how to use the epidemic prevention products as an effort to jointly combat the epidemic.
TEX YEAR Active Public Welfare Sponsorship TEX YEAR Active Public Welfare Sponsorship

Active Public Welfare Sponsorship
Wonderful Efforts of Hardworking Medical Staff!
If we let our guards down, the virus may start to spread again. Many medical professionals are still waging the battle. For them and for the ones we love, we cannot let our guards down. Let us get serious about the epidemic prevention efforts, protect ourselves, and jointly contribute to the epidemic prevention effort! Let's ride out this storm together!!
Despite the tremendous tests face by mankind this year, as long as the people join forces to battle the epidemic, we will overcome all challenges and welcome the spring with a smile!