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No More Creeping Wicks, Hot Melt Adhesive Keep Wicks in the Center of the Glass Jar at the Bottom.
May 30, 2019
Nothing is greater than warm nice bathing plus surrounded with amazing candle fragrance after a long day from work. Wouldn't you eager to know how to prevent the danger may be caused by long hour candle burning?  How exactly for us truly to relax, enjoy the magic aroma healing moment without worrying the creeping candle wick that may cause the glass jars to crack?

Hot Melt Adhesive Keep Wicks in the Center of the Glass Jar at the Bottom.

Uneven Candle Burning Caused the Breaking Glass Jars
You may always be asked to check and trim the wick to the proper length every time you’d like to relight the candle.  Yes, that is a must do from the customer, but what is the responsibility of the manufacturers?  Surely, when it comes to the safety issue, you may always see a warning “Never burn a candle out of sight”.  So that prevents the manufacturers from all the responsibilities?  Not exactly, how the manufacturers could do to make sure that they have done the best to prevent whatever the miserable of an uneven candle burning and caused the breaking glass jars?

candlewick  candlewick

How to Counter Wick Migration
Using high temp Hot Melt Adhesive to center the candle wick at the bottom of the jar that would much likely lessen the mentioned miserable results may occur.  Tex Year Hot Melt 309A features excellent thermal stability, great heat resistance, less stringing, perfect for candle making.  Now, more and more manufacturers use the hot melt glue to secure wicks to the bottom.  We congrats you for achieving the eventual goal of truly relaxing and enjoying in the candle fragrance moment!!

Caution: Still, when the flames reach the very bottom of the candle jar, it may cause the glass to crack because of the high temperature.