• If you are looking for eco-friendly adhesives

    If you are looking for Sustainable Eco-Friendly Adhesives, hot melt adhesives will be a good option. 
    Hot melt adhesives are 100% solid content made up of non-toxic polymer materials. Therefore, no toxic waste will be generated during production or application.
    Hot melt adhesives are widely applied. For instance, packaging purpose, straw attachment, medical aluminum foil bag sealing, diaper, sanitary napkin, electronic product sealing & protection, filtration media bonding, home appliance assembly, etc... Hot melt adhesives bring more convenience during transportation and storage, and perform more eco-friendly, compared to other adhesives.
    Hot melt adhesives, eco-friendly, safe and fast setting grade, RoHS certified as green products, suitable for automated production, has become the fastest growing adhesives products.

    「TEX YEAR ®」 is the prestigious brand registered in 2003 by Tex Year Company. 
    「TEX YEAR ®」is your prioritized selection of hot melt adhesives. 

    TEX YEAR is your prioritized selection of hot melt adhesives.

    Our products are applied in the following industries: packaging, shoes, wood working, book binding, craftwork, tape, automotive, toy, stone material, HIFI stereo, screw fixing, PCB assembly, etc.. We are the designated supplier of many internationally prestigious big brands.
  • Types of hot melt adhesives

    Classified by component basis: 

    ◎EVA based hot melt adhesives 
    ◎TPR/ Rubber based hot melt adhesives with surface tack, also known as hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives.
    ◎APAO based /Polyolefin hot melt adhesives.
    ◎Polyamide hot melt adhesives
    ◎MPO hot melt adhesives, the best thermal stability grades.

    These are all eco-friendly adhesives made for different kinds of applications. 
  • Product types of hot melt adhesive products

    Hot melt adhesives, 100% solid content & solvent free grades, are most eco-friendly adhesives.

    Hot melt adhesive have different kinds of shapes. We have glue sticks with different diameters, glue granules, glue chiclets, glue pillows, and glue blocks. Diversified shapes can be customized based on customer’s glue dispenser selections. 

    Tex Year offer complete hot melt adhesives production lines, including general type, shoes application, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, UL grade hot melt adhesives for electronic products, and new developed synthetic resin hot melt adhesives (UL grade glue sticks) in compliance with UL regulation in USA.
  • How to use hot melt adhesives

    We need to heat up glue until it get melted before we apply glue on substrates.

    The common heating up method are presented as below:

    1. Heating tank
    Heating activator is placed inside tanks. Glues are indirectly heated until melted, then drop down from a metal net to air pump in feeder system. This approach is the most common one and workable for all kinds of shapes of HMA. 
    We also have other heating approaches, such as direct electric heating, indirect circulating oil heating, hot air & ultra-red heating. Every approach has its pros & cons.

    2. Continuous melting 
    Feeders are extruded by screw in extruders. Normally go with granule adhesive. Besides, we find some glue sticks are melted through gear system, this is mostly for toes puff application. 

  • Sizes of hot melt glue sticks

    Hot melt glue sticks have different kinds of diameter and length. 

    Glue stick diameter: 7.4mm, 11mm, 15mm~25mm, and 43mm。
    Glue stick length : 5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm,
    Glue stick length can be customized.
    Tex Year is a professional glue stick producer and always satisfy the demands of different equipment and productions from customers by offering different products, such as, general glue sticks and synthetic resin glue stick.   

    Glue sticks need to go with glue guns to complete the jobs.

  • Advantages of hot melt pillow packaging

    Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives pillow shape is superior to the grades with release paper packaging due to the following reasons:
    1. Stable quality:Pillow shape can avoid the quality damage caused by dust and moisture.
    2. Cost saving:Pillow shape can reduce the cost caused by release paper and man power in product lines.
    3. Easy to use:Pillow shape can reduce the problem caused by removing release paper, and can control the glue amount in tanks.
    4. User safety:Pillow is not sticky to fingers, which reduces the odd of glue splashing out from tank.
    Our hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives pillow has 3 specifications, 10g, 500g, 1kg.
    Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives have surface tack. Therefore, we use release paper in order to prevent the glues from sticking to each other. Release paper might avoid the glues sticking problem but also create some inconvenience to operations.  

    Packaging of hot melt adhesives plays a role in operation smoothness.
    What inconvenience does hot melt adhesives with release paper bring to operations? 
    1. Release paper might be difficult to remove or unable to be completed removed. 
    2. Removed release paper will become waste, which increase cost of dumping wastes.
    If you are facing the same problems during productions, Tex Year pillow hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives will be your best selection.

  • Matters needing attention while using hot melt adhesives

    Matters needing attention while using  hot melt adhesives
    1. Open/setting time is determined by glue temperature, environment tempera rue, applied amount, pressing time, and pressing force.
    2. Don’t touch hot melt  adhesives while it is being melted. Once you get burned, please soak yourself in cold water for at 10 minute before you seek medication. 
    3 .Wipe substrate surface before use hot melt adhesives.
    4.Operation temperature should be lower than 180℃ in case glues get pyrolysis, which lower glue’s adhesion.
    5. Hot melt adhesives should be kept in ventilated environment and avoid direct sunlight.