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For decades, TEX YEAR has stood for trust, reliability, durability, innovation and service in the bookbinding industry. We offer full range of product line for bookbinding application, suitable for textbooks, magazines, commercial printings, hardcover books, photo albums and many more. TEX YEAR bookbinding solution is perfect for both medium/ high speed adhesive production machine and production lines. We guarantee the best quality and complete solution service to our valued customers.


Bookbinding Methods
Tex Year Softcover Binding
Softcover Binding
The major and common way of bookbinding, using regular hot melt adhesive for gluing the spine, binding the pages together and keeping them intact. Widely used for simili paper binding, such as textbooks, magazines, journals & commercial catalogs. Ideal fit for large scale production requirement.
Tex Year Tread Sewn BindingThread Sewn Binding
Thread sewn with glue binding performs better lay-flat performance with no more complaints of binding failure. Widely used for frequent flipping through pages, such as catalogs, recipe books, photo and painting album etc.
Tex Year Tread Sewn BindingPUR Lay-Flat Binding
With PUR gluing the pages into book spine, it provides extraordinary adhesion and excellent tensile strength. Perfectly broad open with 180° lay-flat performance. Widely used for thick book binding, coated art paper and when exceptional comprehensive graphics and word presentation needed.