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Tex Year products with the advantages of being eco-friendly, heat resistance, moisture resistance, solvent resistance, rot resistance and good durability, offer the most important solutions for production and interior bonding.  

The substrates of automotive interior applications can be bonded foam, foam, non-woven, wool, electric cord, ABS, sheet metal. The glues can be applied to interior bonding, door panel, seat warmer, wire, trunk, mat, electronic part sealing/insulation/end fixation/, filling wrapping. Some of those applications require heat resistance, water proof, and good positioning. Tex Year also offers other specialty chemical products to complete the product lines for automotive interior applications.
Interior Bonding
Interior bonding, acoustic sound proof foam, ornament fixation.
Door Panels
Door panel adhesives work on door acoustic sound proof materials, water proof film, acoustic sound proof foam fixation, door panel part bonding.
Door panel sealant is required to be plasticizer resistant, good surface tack, and no dripping.
Seat Warmers
The applications of adhesives for seat warmer are for lamination of seat warmer pat, fixing electronic heating wires.
The product requirements are solvent resistance, chemical resistance, rot resistance and water resistance, strong peel strength, -40℃, 85℃ tolerable, ability to bond non-woven fabrics and copper wire.
Sun Visors and Trunks
Automotive trunk lining.
Great cohesion, 80℃ tolerable, workable for bonded foam and lining.
Applications include bonded foam lamination with trunk liners, trunk side liner lamination, spare tire cover board, and sun visors.
Mats and Ornaments
Good cohesion, cold resistance, aging resistance, 80℃ tolerable, long open time.
Workable for fabrics, non-woven, PP, PU foam.
Applications include mat lamination, anti-slip mats, foam bonding and fixation of acoustic sound proof foam of mats.
Special Applications
Interior applications also include shock absorbers, car battery lead plate assembly, and assembly of core sand of aluminum cylinder cap.