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There are many kinds of substrates that need to be bonded for different craft work assemblies, such as, paper, wood material, plastic, leather, ceramic, and metal. 

There are wide applications for assemblies. For instance, optical fiber protection, compact assembly, lipcase assembly, liquor bottle and cap assembly, helmet assembly, luggage case assembly. We also have accessory assembly, such as, crystal ball assembly, candle wick fixation. Tex Year meets the demands of production from the different customers from the different industries.
Optical Fiber Cable Protection
Low hardness & high flexibility, water proof.
EPE Bonding
White, low odor, no surface tack, wide operation temperatures.
EP,E, a new type of eco-friendly packaging material, works with hot melt adhesives on PE foaming material bonding, EPE board, EPE assembly, EPE bonding, corrugated boards. Tex year offers complete product list for the protection of buffering materials.
Compact Assembly
White, low odor, no wire drawing, easily melted, good glue mileage.
Good bonding strength on ABS, PP, and AL.
Can be also applied to lipcase assembly, eyelash brush assembly.
Toy & Craftwork Assembly
Workable for craftwork assembly, and toy.