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Good looking shoes toe cap, no deformation during transportation and storage, and clean shoes upper are the most important criteria for shoes products.  

Our products can be applied to toes puff glues, lining laminations, reinforcement, foam and fabric bonding, sole fixation, ornament assembly, hot melt film for counters, fold edge, repair work. Our glues can work on corium and synthetic leather. 
Toe Puff Glues
Good hardness and flexibility, good looking on toe cap, comfortable.
Cold resistance, no deformation during storage and transportation.
No string generated, which keeps shoes upper clean during operation.
Good elongation ,low defection rate when it comes to lasting pincer operation.
Shoes Fold Edge
Fold edge bonding, temporary fixation before threading, fast hardening keeps shape of fold edge shape good, workable for different types of fold machine, no sticky needle during fast threading, good positioning.
HMPSA are applied for small ornament fixation. Can proceed lamination soon after glue coating.
Lasting Pincers
Lasting pincer job is for fixing soles and shoes uppers.
Lasting Pincers
Applied to shoes quarter.
Shoes Last Glues
Glues for shoes last fixation is a good substitution for nailing. Our Glues, which bring better positioning, are easily removed from shoes last.
Foam And Fabric Lamination
Low surface tack, which is lamination friendly.
Foam lamination effect is always strong.
Insole Fixation
Insoles have low surface tack after being coated glues by rollers, which makes them easily to be placed in shoes without getting tainted by other materials. Insoles can be perfectly fixed in shoes by taking human weights on top of them.
Hot Melt Films
Double side coating on shoes counter with either roller or slot. Surfaces of hot melt films are very slippery, which avoid sticking to one another while being piled up. Also, the bonding strength to shoes foam is excellent, and no dripping problem when glues get reactivated.