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Our products can apply to different shoes uppers laminations, shoes counter foam lamination, soles lamination, tongue lamination, reinforcement lamination, and fold edge lamination. 

We make our sneaker adhesives small pillow shape, which is easily melted in glue tank, which brings energy saving, less fume caused by heating, and good anti-yellowing performance. Our glues work well on boding different types of shoes substrates. 
Shoes Upper Lamination
Long open time, anti- yellowing property, no re-opening after lamination, no sticky needle while threading, workable for many gluing methods.
Shoes Counter Foam Lamination
Long open time, low surface tack, no re-opening after lamination, workable for many foam substrates.
Insole Lamination
Self-adhesive, good thermal stability, workable for roller and different kinds of substrates.
Reinforcement Lamination
Work with HMPSA, proceed lamination soon after coat with glues.
Fold Edge Lamination
Shoes fold lamination, temporary fixation before sewing, fast hardening keeps shape of hold edge good, works for different kind of folding machine, no sticky needle during fast threading, good positioning.
Toe Puff Glues
Toe puff glues for sneakers.