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Both adults and babies need comfortable product for long-hours uses. Adults generate more quantity of urines than babies. Therefore, Selection of diapers, incontinence pads, nursing pads need to satisfy the demands of comfortability without allergy reaction under long-hours activities. Tex Year offers the whole series of disposable adult incontinence application, which can meet the requirements of all kinds of productions. Our professional R&D team and our production simulation lab, which can simulate customers’ application and test process always helps you find the most suitable product. Tex Year is always your best business partner.      

Construction adhesives, elastic adhesives, core adhesives, side tape adhesives are the products that can be used on adult incontinence. 
Construction glues: for constructing cores, side sealing, end sealing, frontal tape pasting, and bonding different types of substrates, such as , non- woven ( top layer & bottom layer), ADL, fluid acquisition layer ( SAP & fluff pulp), PE film, and dust free paper.
Elastic glues:For elastic legs and waist banding, work on bonding of different substrates with different elastic bands.
Wetting glue: Works on core layer. Core can be classified as tradition cores and compound cores. Core bonding requires SAP granule shape not getting deformed under certain level of pressures in order to keep water absorbing performance. 
Side tape glues:For bonding PP tape and S shaped side tapes, non-woven, hooks, and nursing pads. Strong elongation and bonding strength is still maintained after being resealed for many times.  
TPO Based Construction Glues
For construction applications, light color and low odor, better glue mileages.
Good bonding strength and wide applications.
Low odor, low VOC, better anti- aging performance.
Excellent bonding strength, highly permeable, and no crepe.
TPO Based Construction Glues
For construction applications, light color and low odor, better.
Operation friendly, good bonding, wide applications.
Excellent bonding strength.
Elastic Glues
For elastic waist and leg banding.
Anti-crepe, low shrinkage rate.
Wetting Glues
For core bonding.
Great wetting performance, which is in favor of construction.
Light color, low odor, highly permeable, and no crepe.
Enhance core layer stability, operate-able under low temperature.
Side Tape Glues
Long open time, light color, and low odor.
Works on different substrates, good elongation, bonding strength is still maintained after being sealed for many times.
There are two types, for onsite construction and offsite construction, with excellent shear strengths and bonding strengths.