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We understand some additional demands from customers during productions. For instance, fixing and repair can happen during quality control period. We need to offer glue guns and glue sticks for fixing and repair in offices, production sites, QC sites, and offer cleaning agents and glue removers for cleaning production lines. The total solutions from Tex Year totally satisfy customer’s demands, streamline productions, and enhance efficiency. 

Cleaning agents and glue removers enhance machine efficiency for our customers, shorten machine halt, and avoid internal pollutions. Insufficient cleaning would cause nozzle blockage, and inconsistent viscosity, which can affect packaging stability and quality adversely.
Hot Melt Glue Sticks
We offer glue sticks with different material basis and operation requirements for production period and also for fixing and repair that happen in QC period.
Hot Melt Glue Guns
We offer different types of glue guns of which voltage range from 10W to 300W for production period and also for fixing and repair that happen in QC period.
Glue Removers
Retrieve from nature plants; avoid odor, hygiene, and safety problems that could be created by solvent based agent. It only takes few seconds before completely remove residual glues.
Cleaning Agents
Some charring could be seen in glue tanks after glue tanks be operated for certain periods of time. Cleaning agents for tank can get rid of charring and assure smooth gluing system operations.