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Inevitably, many things in our daily lives need to be repaired just the matter of time. Hot melt glue sticks can repair, fix, seal those objects that will have opportunities to be reused again. This is an eco-friendly move. 。

The applications can be toys fixing, wood furniture, carpet positioning, and hook positioning, and carton &paper bonding. Our glues are your best assistants for daily lives.
Transparent Glue Sticks
8 pcs/ blister card
Φ11.2mm x L100mm
Please go with Tex Year standard glue gun for your ideal operation.
Standard Glue Guns
Works for Φ10.5mm~11.5mm glue sticks
Best choice for DIY craftwork and light industry products.
Getting dried within 4mn, 160℃ tolerable.
Syringe packaging , 1:1 proportion
Amber color after being completely hardened, water proof and painting friendly.
Chemical erosion resistant, insulation.
Excellent bonding on different types of substrates.
Super Glues
Aluminum tube packaging, easy to use.
Standing tube packaging ok with upside down placement, precisely controlled glue output, reusable.
Low Whitening Super Glues
Low whitening / anti-whitening super glues. No irritation to eyes and noses.
No whitening when it comes to bonding dark color objects.
First- ever appearance in Taiwan.