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Who we are

Tex Year group, the leader of hot melt glue stick sales volumes all over the world, the biggest manufacturer and export of hot melt adhesive in Taiwan, distributes the glues to more than ninety countries.
Tex Year group, a stock listed company in Taiwan, who was found in 1976 and has 4 decade experiences of techniques of adhesives in cross straight areas, owns the local technical and customer service teams in Taiwan, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Jiangsu, shanghai, Vietnam, India, Hong Kong, and Poland.
SINCE 1976
experiences of production, R&D and sales
Factories Worldwide
Distributors in over 90 Countries

We bond to your needs

Tex Year group has imported and distributed some advanced adhesives and some polymer specialty chemicals. Subsequently, Tex Year produced and sold the eco- friendly and non- toxic super glues and "Ho-Te-Meow" branded hot melt adhesives, that complied with all of the environmental protection requirements. Our products lines include EVA based, TPR based, MPO based hot melt adhesives, and different customized length glues ticks, glue guns, and super glues.


Tex Year high quality adhesives are widely applied to many industries. Such as, food packaging, book binding, tape & label, furniture, industrial assembly, automobile, non-woven hygiene material, filter, shoes, DIY handcraft, electronic appliance, courier bag, etc…. Furthermore, Tex Year is the designated supplier of many internationally prestigious companies.

What we offer

Tex Year group offers consistent and reliable product quality. We have nine productions sites and six R&D center in the world, which allows us to have localized technical support and faster lead time. Moreover, the professional manufacturing simulation lab helps us set the procedures of making the best customized products for our customers. We are leading the innovative solutions to satisfy the demands of your own industry.
Outstanding Technology
Customized Products
Stable Supply Capacity
Perfect Access Services
After-sales Service
Strict QA Test
Fast Respond


Tex Year has kept developing the business in hot melt adhesives and specialty chemicals, and also has diversified the scopes to auto claves, the medical equipment. This has brought Tex Year to an internationally well-known manufacturer in the field. Tex Year prioritizes making the products that meet the demands of both clients and suppliers and meet the requirements of international environmental protection regulation and energy savings.
Tex Year group offers the most professional bonding service ~
come to us when you have any inquiry regarding bonding or any difficulty bonding. We are more than happy to be your consultant.


Environmental Protection
Implementing social care and promoting
Exhibiting international certification and a green supply chain.
Creating customer value and technical services with innovation.
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