Industrial adhesives and adhesive technologies instructions
Industrial adhesives and adhesive technologies instructions Dec 23, 2021
What are industrial adhesives?Base on your purposes and optional results, adhesives can be applied to bond different materials. Generally, adhesive engineering for a specific use, substrates, temperature resistance, and chemical resistance maximizes performance for each application. Tex Year Group provides both industrial and customer adhesives, and a total solution to bond your needs.Industrial adhesives Vs Consumer adhesivesIndustrial adhesivesIndustrial adhesives are designed into a manufacturing process for optimal results, improving the quality of the assembly and reduce manufacturing costs. Tex Year Group provides kinds of products with eco-friendly, low VOC and non-toxic glue as follow:EVA Based Hot Melt AdhesivesHot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives(PSA)Polyolefin(APAO/MPO) Based Hot Melt AdhesivesPolyamide Based Hot Melt AdhesivesPolyurethane(PUR) Based Hot Melt AdhesivesWater Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive(WBPSA)Super glue/CyanoacrylateCustomer adhesivesCustomer adhesives can be applied and acquired by customers easily in their daily lives. Tex Year Group emphasizes safety first; therefore, our products are all eco-friendly and non-toxic as follow:Kinds of Glue Sticks with Glue GunsSuper glue/CyanoacrylateTex Year Adhesive technologiesTex Year Group is the synonym of hot melt adhesive, holding the value of Green, Safe, Healthy to run our business. Providing innovative adhesive technologies with high quality adhesives are widely applied to many industries.We have nine productions sites and six R&D center in the world, which allows us to have localized technical support and faster lead time. Moreover, the professional manufacturing simulation lab helps us set the procedures of making the best customized products for our customers from different industries as follow:PackagingBookbindingFilter MediaHygieneLabel & TapeUpholstery/ Mattress/ FurnitureTextile & ShoesAutomotiveDIY CraftBio & GreenCONTACT US if you need further assistance. Our professional team of technical solution will be your strongest back up.
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Trustworthy Adhesives during the Harsh Winter
Trustworthy Adhesives during the Harsh Winter Nov 1, 2021
When a harsh winter comes, water molecules in packaged milk condense into ice cubes, and eventually, the ice cubes are separated from the paper package.Milk is full of nutrients providing us nutrition in daily life.The production and storage techniques and packaging for different brands of milk are distinct from each other.※ Carton: Tetra Pak cartons, SIG Combibloc cartons, roof-shaped cartons, etc.※ Glass bottle: Baby's bottles, pudding cups, etc.※ Packaging bag: Ecolean and other composite flexible packaging bags✎  Harsh test  In our daily lives, adhesive increasingly become less-viscous and brittle as the temperature gets lower. However, when the temperature is extremely low, whether the function of the hot-melt adhesive used in common dairy packages is lost so that the hot-melt adhesive comes off.Packages using hot-melt adhesive have strong performance in the harsh testWe have developed our business in the adhesive field for over 40 years and trained a mature and professional R&D team.Our R&D team has been busy with the works of the labs around the country and the operation of our clientsin order to understand local climate conditions and the environment of factories, and hence the team has accumulated significant science research resultsso as to be able to timely respond to the needs of different products, and even under extremely cold conditions, the performance of our adhesive remains firm.After being tested in extremely low temperature conditions in the labs for tens of thousands of times, our packaging hot-melt adhesive can resist temperatures as low as -20℃ and still has viscosity under such conditions. Therefore, you do not have to worry that our hot-melt adhesive will lose its function in low temperatures!We provide hot-melt adhesive designed for dairy packages.☑ Adhesive used to bond straws to Tetra Pak cartons: Tetra Pak 765T, SA320, SIG Combibloc 302E☑ Adhesive for cartons, paper cups and caps: 318B、318A☑ Adhesive for paper rings on PET bottle packaged yogurt: 767K☑ Adhesive for portable flexible packages: Ecolean 909EIndustries using packaging hot-melt adhesiveAdhesion of packaged cartons: Automated sealing of cartons containing canned/bottled beers, instant noodles, drinks, herbal tea, and fruit or vegetables;Adhesion of straws: Adhesion of straws to the cartons of milk, tea drinks, herbal tea and vitasoy;Adhesion of board-carton boxes: Beers, Red Bull, soy milk, pop can drinks, and drinking water;Sealing of cartons: Sealing of packages for candies, cookies, frozen food, cryo boxes, tissue boxes, cartons of drugs, cigarettes and snack food;PET transparent boxes: The hot-melt adhesive is white and odorless, has excellent adhesion and viscosity, and can resist rebound forces.
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Adult Diapers Should Be “Wearable”!
Adult Diapers Should Be “Wearable”! Oct 1, 2021
Time is flying and middle aged people are also getting older!We should take more care of elders in the society with an increasingly aging population!There is great potential for the development of adult diapers due to the coming of worldwide aging societies.According to the data, there are up to 200 million people around the world suffer from different levels of urinary incontinence, and the urinary incontinence incidence of grown women is 25% - 45%. As the world’s aging population increasingly grows and since the incidence of urinary incontinence of elders is way higher, more and more people will suffer from urinary incontinence.Moreover, there are elders who need long-term nursing care, patients with paraplegia and hemiplegia, and other patients with incontinence, which further increases the demand for adult incontinence supplies.Generally, an adult diaper can absorb about 1,000 ml of urine, and an adult uses an average of three diapers per day.The material for adult diapers should be chosen carefully. Safe materials can ensure the comfort and health of the users. Such personal supplies should be able to be used for a long time with low odor and without allergies.Structural adhesives, elastic adhesives, wet-strength adhesives and diaper tapes are usually used to bond the material of adult diapers.Our hot-melt adhesives for disposable adult supplies can meet your needs for the production process of medical supplies. In addition, we provide comprehensive adhesive solutions to help our clients produce products that fill their requirements.
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RFID Tags Exist Everywhere
RFID Tags Exist Everywhere Sep 1, 2021
Even though we have been stopped from taking overseas trips for a long time, we remember the experience of going abroad. Before boarding a plane, we have to go through the most time-consuming process, the check-in procedure. Some airport may have self check-in kiosks in place to enable passengers to check in and print luggage tags quickly. RFID tags are what we are going to talk about today.Adhesives for RFID tags What are RFID tags?RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, also known as electronic tags.An RFID system consists of a tag, a reader and an integrated middleware system. Radio frequency identification is a contactless automated identification technology which can automatically identify target objects and obtain relevant data through radio-frequency signals in any severe conditions without human intervention.The RFID technology is able to identify objects moving at high speed and multiple objects at the same time with rapid and convenient operation. Applications of RFID tagsMedical treatment, personal applications, traffic, entertainment, logistics, manufacturing, security, environment/other applications. Adhesives for bonding of RFID tags Hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives are used during the process that RFID chips are manufactured into identification tags or fare cards. In the past, twin adhesive tapes were adopted and the cost was higher.The hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives are gradually replacing the tapes in current product lines since such adhesives have excellent adhesion and adequate heat resistance and are applicable for the bonding of RFID tags to common plastic materials.7 features of hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives for RFID tagsFeatureDescriptionHigh hardnessAfter being coating with the adhesives, plug-in or contact cards show higher levels of hardness.Long-time useDirect bonding after applying the adhesives without thermal activation during the manufacturing process.Outstanding adhesionExcellent adhesion to paper or PP materials.Good heat resistanceShear adhesion failure temperature (SAFT) is 76℃.High temperature and humidity resistanceOur hot-melt adhesives can still firmly bond a paper card and a RFID chip together after being tested under a high temperature and humidity condition for three days.Excellent water resistanceWithout detachment after paper cards are soaked for a day.Good low temperature resistanceWithout detachment of bonded paper cards under -40℃.Unique features of our hot-melt pressure sensitive adhesives for RFID tagsFeatureDescriptionAdvantagesWell-oil-tight paper base materialsPaper base materials do not have oil leakage problems after being strictly tested at 60℃ for 7 days. This oil-tight feature enables tags to maintain their original appearance after long use.Higher hardness of ticketsWider material application rangeHigh-speed automationExcellent resistance below -25℃Long-time storageTransport and storage applicable under any conditions without tags being detached easilyGood adhesive strengthOur adhesives have excellent initial adhesion to steel, PET, and PP base materials and are applicable to most materials. The final peel strength can cause permanent damages to paper materials.Great temperature resistanceThe adhesives can be used in the conditions with normal temperature and also have great low temperature resistance to prevent detachment of tags from kraft paper when it is below -40℃.Materials to which Tex Year adhesives for RFID tags can be usedName945A915D991LMaterial to be adheredPaper and filmSurface adhesion○◎◎Applicable materialsPaper◎◎◎PVC◎◎◎PET◎◎◎PP○◎◎PE△◎○Glass◎◎◎Metal◎◎◎Applied temperatureHeat resistance◎○◎Low temperature resistance(5~-10℃)◎○○Freeze resistance(-10~-25℃)○△△Die-cutting performance◎◎◎Operational temperature140~160℃160~180℃160~180℃◎: Good/ ○: Fine/ △: Bad
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Small Amount with Significant Effects: Applications of Hot Melt Adhesives to Epidemic Prevention Wet Wipes
Small Amount with Significant Effects: Applications of Hot Melt Adhesives to Epidemic Prevention Wet Wipes Aug 2, 2021
Since the epidemic has not stopped in 2021, it is crucial to know how to clean our hands anywhere and at any time to prevent being infected through our mouth or nose!  Wet wipes are especially convenient for us to clean our hands when we can’t find water to wash our hands outside. If children soil their hands, they can be easily cleaned with several wet wipes.Choice of right wet wipes for epidemic preventionThere are plenty of wet wipe products on the market, including baby wipes, general cleaning wet wipes, makeup remover wipes, feminine hygiene wet wipes, hygiene wet wipes, functional wet wipes, etc. Even though these types of wet wipes are generally called wet wipes, cleaning wet wipes are actually very different from hygiene wet wipes.Only the hygiene wet wipes have a sterilization function and can be used to destroy the microorganisms on the surface.In order to provide the sterilization function, disinfectant wet wipes contain alcohol, chlorine-containing disinfectant or preservatives. Wet wipe packages with a lid can prevent invasion of microorganisms after the seal is broken and ensure that volatile alcohol and water are less volatile.Tex Year hot-melt adhesives: Protection of your skin healthIn order to ensure the sealability, secondary use and draw-out wipe features for consumers, the manufacturers bond a PP plastic lid onto the mouth of packages with our hot-melt adhesives.Wet wipes are disposable hygiene products touching our bodies directly, and therefore, all stages in the production process of the wet wipes should be strictly checked. After manufacturers producing wet wipe lids select and use a hot-melt adhesive for their products, their products must meet national requirements and should be non-toxic, odorless and transparent, and the adhesive cannot affect package appearance and wet wipe storage!Tex Year hot-melt adhesives with reliable reputationIf a hot-melt adhesive with bad performance is used in wet wipe products, the whole package appearance could be affected, and the lid may slip off, come off, or the adhesive may ooze. Moreover, during the production process, the adhesive may become stringy, or the lid could come off due to adhesion loss of the adhesive.The hot melt adhesive for TEX YEAR wet wipe lids feature fluorescence, transparency, low odor, environmental friendliness, and non-toxicity.Good initial adhesion/holding properties (holding power at 40 degrees); good operability without stringinessOutstanding high temperature (60℃) and low temperature resistance (-20℃); impressive weather resistance - suitable at high and low temperature and for both summer and winterThe transparency of the product ensures a beautiful appearance of the wet wipe box after adhesion of the lid. The property of the product ensures adhesion to PP, PE, and PET materials.Features of Tex Year wet wipe lid adhesives:Less amount needed to save on cost: The product has strong stickiness and needs less amount than other similar products.Environmental friendliness without odor and smooth construction process: The product has a very light odor and meets the environmental protection standards. Smooth construction processes without stringiness and meeting the automated construction requirements.Strong stickiness and good weather resistance: The product has strong stickiness and can bond wet wipe boxes easily. It is hardened within a short time without the worry of coming off, and has outstanding temperature resistance without oozing at high temperature or brittleness at low temperature.Hot melt adhesives for wet wipe lids! Tex Year - Your Best Choice!
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Selection of Hot Melt Adhesives in the Automobile Area
Selection of Hot Melt Adhesives in the Automobile Area Jul 1, 2021
Do you know? Many joints in the car you drive every day are related to hot meld adhesives during the manufacture. Hot melt adhesives have many advantages. They are environment-friendly, do not use solvent, have stable performance, contain VOC in compliance with industrial standards, and are widely used in automobiles.A vehicle has a very narrow and well-enclosed space. The air quality related to vehicles has attracted more attention of people and, thus, the automobile industry requires very high testing requirements for the air environment in the vehicle. In particular, the adhesives used for interior decoration materials must be selected correctly to avoid air pollution in the vehicle. The low-VOC environment-friendly adhesive is the first choice to protect the physical health of the occupants in the vehicle.As for the assembly process of vehicles, on the other hand, adhesives must be endurable to high temperature and stick to challenging substrates. They must meet the requirements for emission of low-volatile compositions and fire-retardant properties.Our hot melt adhesives have low VOC concentrations and atomization values as well as high strength and high temperature resistance. In addition to the environmental requirements of the automobile industry, our hot melt adhesives meet the international RoHS and REACH requirements and the low-VOC and formaldehyde-free test specifications. They demonstrate outstanding adhesion to various materials used in the automobile industry, such as PET, PP, ABS, recycled cotton, foam, rubber, and metal.The gluing points during the automobile assembly process are described below:1.    Interior trim assemblyAdhesion of seats/electro-thermal electric bondingAdhesion of carpet, door trim and sound insulation cottonInterior wire fixingTrunk liningDoor sealing stripBaggage compartment lining2.    RoofCar topSun visor3.    LampLamp casing4.    Air filterAir filter welting5.    Oil filterEngine filter adhesive6.    Car tireAnti-blowout adhesiveTire labelingWe have met the requirements of our customers and provide total production solutions with our outstanding R&D techniques for more than 40 years and the processes of our craftsman's spirit.
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Other Applications of Hot Melt Adhesives on Tires
Other Applications of Hot Melt Adhesives on Tires Jun 1, 2021
In addition to marking, hot melt adhesives are applicable to tires in “resistance against puncture and air leakage” of tires and provide important functions to protect personal safety.Flat tire resistanceAccording to the statistics, about 40% of the national traffic accidents are attributable to tire failure, and flat tires represent more than 70% of the tire failure accidents. In Taiwan, one person every 6 minutes dies from flat tires on average and more than 100 thousand people die from puncture at high speed every year! These terrible facts arouse more attention to the safety of tires and higher awareness of people to select safer run-flat tires.From the viewpoint of products, “Run on Flat” indicates tires with blowout prevention functions and precautions rather than “precluding blowout” of tires. There are two types of run-flat tires on the market: traditional run-flat tires (or RSC tires) and self-sealing tires.The self-sealing tires have a layer of hot melt adhesive on the inner wall of the tire. When the sharp object is pulled out, the hole is filled and sealed to avoid air or slow leakage. Even when the driver drives through a sharp object, the technical coating can provide a protective buffering function and prevent the air pressure from releasing suddenly from the hole on the tire.★    We provide special flat tire resistant hot melt adhesive. It is durable to high and low temperature, has outstanding application feature, and releases limited smoke and odor during the operation.★    Our air leakage resistant hot melt adhesive for tires can reduce the risk of tire emergencies and provide reinforced tire blowout-proof functions to avoid puncture and air leakage. Tire labelingQualified tires are made by legal brand manufacturers and undergo simulation experiments and safety tests before leaving the factory. Three required elements of fuel efficiency, wet grip, and rolling noise levels are indicated on the label of tested and qualified tires. They are useful indicators showing the buffering, gripping, and operating performance of a tire.Picture★    We provide special tire labeling adhesive with outstanding surface stickiness at low temperature and excellent application performance.★    The tire labeling adhesive ensures clear and legible tire labels with smooth surface. It is durable during storage and under transport conditions. The chemical property of the adhesive enables strengthened adhesion of the label. We provide different formulas for summer and winter.
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Tex Year UV Adhesives | An Application in the “Industry 4.0” Era
Tex Year UV Adhesives | An Application in the “Industry 4.0” Era May 20, 2021
When being irradiated with UV rays (natural or artificial light), the photoinitiator (or photosensitizer) in the curing material of UV adhesives absorb the UV light to produce reactive free radicals or cations and bring about monomer-polymerization, cross-linking and grafting reactions, which transfer adhesive from liquid to solid state within a few seconds. Application of UV adhesives1. Industrial production applicationsSuch as micro motors, fixing adhesives for automobile parts and components, bonding of conductor parts and components, and adhesion of automobile lamps and reversing lights2. Handiwork production applicationsGlass handiwork adhesion, crystal jewelry inlaying, adhesion of transparent plastic handiworks 3. Medical device applicationsMedical applications include syringes, needles, urinary catheters, respiratory systems, and venous catheters. 4. Microelectronics applicationsMobile phone assembly, HD magnetic head assembly, adhesion of digital camera parts and components, production of sensors, semi-conductor ships, etc. Advantages of Tex Year UV adhesivesThe early application of the Tex Year UV adhesives was UV hard coating. The following applications have been developed over the past years:CD glue –  Introduced into CD manufacturers for CD surface protection  Optical glue –  Introduced into the backlight module market for optical film protectionUV repair glue – Introduced into the carbon fiber bike industry for optimization of repair processes.PVC floor coating –  Introduced into the building material market                          We continuously make contribution to the adhesive industry with our technical innovation. Since 2016, we have led the production strategy of Industry 4.0 in the panel industry and successfully guided the development of the black UV adhesive, UV pressure sensitive adhesive, and other adhesive products. These have been produced in batch and provided for the panel industry on a large scale. Features of Tex Year UV adhesives1. Fast curing, controllable reaction, shorter working hours2. Low VOC and compliant to environmental requirements   3. Multiple applications to equipment and suitable for automated production4. Extensive use of adhesive materials, high stickiness, suitable for use as structural adhesive, a wide range of applications5. Outstanding optical performance, colorless transparent liquid, light transmittance is up to 90% after curing Applications of UV adhesives1. Dark light-resistant UV adhesiveFast curing UV adhesive has light resistant function for post-application filling, light-blocking, buffering and shading purposes The product does not contain solvent. Heating is not needed for curing. It has outstanding rework properties and is suitable for panel assembly and lens modules.2. UV GasketThe product is also known as an UV liquid gasket. It is a liquid UV adhesive mainly used for buffering and waterproof sealing purposes. Applicable industries include 3C (computers, communication products, and consumer electrics), wearable devices, electronic devices, etc.3. UV pressure sensitive adhesiveStickiness remains after UV curing. It can be used as a liquid tape. Applicable industries include panel assembly, electronic device assembly, etc.4. UV repairFast UV curing is provided with multiple stickiness options for spraying, brushing, and spot repair processes. Applicable industries include bikes, sports equipment, gas cylinders, etc.5. UV coatingAdjustment is possible depending on surface requirements such as scratch resistance, slip resistance, glossy and matte surfaces, self-repair, and micro structure forming functions. The product is applicable to building materials such as PVC floor coating, photo electronic materials including optical films, light guide plate coating, 3C (computers, communication products, and consumer electrics) casing protection, etc.We make contribution to production of Industry 4.0 with the outstanding performance and multiple advantages of our UV adhesives. Industrial production is the core of a country and UV adhesives will be optimized and upgraded on an ongoing basis to support the industry production. We will keep striving for the technological innovation and R&D of “production of Industry 4.0” and “low-VOC environmental friendliness.”
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Who is the winner in the market? MPO or EVA Hot Melt Adhesive?
Who is the winner in the market? MPO or EVA Hot Melt Adhesive? May 3, 2021
MPO and EVA series hot melt adhesives, what is the difference?TEX YEAR leads you to this century competition and helps you clarify everything once and for all.Comparison of advantagesEthylene vinyl acetate (EVA)Metallocene polyolefin (MPO)Commonly used basic polymerWider operation temperature range than EVAThe type and quantity of wax and resin controlling the clotting time and stickinessLighter color and less odorFiller allowed under specific conditionsGood thermal stability Quick operation setting Lower densityWe have complete EVA production lines for our “TEX YEAR” products. The adhesive strips and packaging glues, in particular, are in a leading position in the industry.Products in response to the development trend of the international and domestic markets are also produced under the brand name “TEX YEAR.”Comparison of propertiesMPO hot melt adhesive - comparison of properties│TEX YEARThe Proportion of MPO and EVA is 0.90 and 0.98, respectively. Though the weight of both adhesives are same, MPO is bigger, has higher mass and, thus, more usable adhesive amount, making it more advantageous in this respect.When comparing under the same conditions, the experiment proved that MPO hot melt adhesive can be applied to 4 more pieces than EVA!!Total application weight: 10gramApplication thickness/piece: 40mmOperation temperature: 160℃~180℃Comparison of strengthsIn fact, both EVA and MPO hot melt adhesives can meet the strength requirements of the customers. However, the specific weight, density, and volume of the MPO adhesive as well as the same strength with less MPO than EVA enable a saving of 10~20% use amount of the MPO adhesive in comparison with the traditional EVA adhesive. This is obviously an outstanding advantage of the MPO hot melt adhesive.Comparison of shapesMPO hot melt adhesive - comparison of shapes│TEX YEARIn addition to the properties and advantages, neat and clean shapes are required to make the first impression. This is more the focus of MPO than EVA. The arrangement of the MPO hot melt adhesive is more neat and tidy. It is relative not stringy and, thus, can produce more beautifully shaped finished products to sell at a higher price.Comparison of durabilityMPO hot melt adhesives have much higher stability than EVA. This is demonstrated in the following experiment.During a prolonged durability test at 180℃ for 24, 48, 72, 96, and 148 hours, the MPO series products show a thermal stability much better than EVA as illustrated in the figure below. The yellowing effect of the MPO adhesive in the aging process is much lighter than EVA. What an outstanding performance of MPO!Thermal stability comparison testMPO hot melt adhesive - comparison of thermal stability│TEX YEARThe MPO hot melt adhesive seems to become the only focus after a series of 5 tests, but, in fact, the EVA hot melt adhesive also performs very well in many respects. It surely has special advantages and features to stand on the top of similar products for such a long time.The EVA hot melt adhesive has been on the market for many years. It is highly acceptable, has a wide range of applications, and is sold at a lower price. Most important, it does not require repurchase or replacement of equipment or resetting of parameters. It has better compatibleness than the MPO hot melt adhesive. Honestly, both of them have their own advantages. It is suggested to select the products depending on your requirements to ensure choosing most suitable products that can produce the best results.We have complete production lines and professional supports for our TEX YEAR products. No matter whether you need innovative MPO or traditional EVA series hot melt adhesives, just “stick to Tex Year!”.
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