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Packaging offers strength and durability that are demanded during transportation. Tex Year has kept paying effort to R&D and innovation in order to assure the workable packaging on products, stability, safety, and the consistence which is not compromised by temperature or weight variation.    

Tex Year, the designated supplier of many internationally prestigious big brands, offers wide range packaging hot melt adhesive products, complete supply chain values, and technical requirements that can satisfies different customers all over the word, with experiences of more than 40 years. Tex Year has cultivated in the foods & beverages industry for few decades, such as instant noodles, cookies, beverages, and dairies. We distribute our products to many famous food businesses with our great experiences in bonding.    

Our team offers the most suitable hot melt adhesive products for packaging at any time, and also offers the total solutions and technical knowledge in order to meet the requirements of bonding strength, safety, and the efficiency of some specific packaging lines.